My Other Blog!


My new blog is also about being good to myself.

The practices that make up what we now know as “wellness” are doing wonders for my way of thinking and general health. However, I often feel like a misfit, dipping my toe into something I am not lithe and lovely enough to be a part of.

Look on Instagram for a hot minute and you will see what I mean – everyone tagging shots #wellness are living Gods and Goddesses, glowing and bendy, clutching turmeric lattes in dreamily filtered photos.

This is not my experience of wellness. I love yoga, but can’t touch my toes. I am a recent vegan, but I’m still cooking the same 3 meals. I try to meditate, but still end up spending the entire time ruminating on something that happened in 1997, slack jawed and dribbling.

This is Not a Wellness Blog is going to be all about me finding my feet in the 8 dimensions of wellness. Among other things, I will be talking about yoga and how imperfectly I pranayama, the trials and rewards of going vegan, how I get on with being mindful and meditative and the other wee activities I do to ease my anxiety ridden mind.

I am in no way an expert in these things, in fact, I am quite rubbish at all of them. So you won’t find any highly curated imagery, original recipes or mantras for Nirvana.

What you will find is all the wonkiness of wellness – wobbly yoga poses, basic photography shot on a rubbish camera phone (and lots and lots of free stock imagery!) and, I hope, a wee bit of honesty about a way of life that is so often portrayed as practically perfect in every way.

Read more in the What is Wellness section, and I’ll see you over there!

H x