Throwing Shade


“This is THROWING SHADE where we take a weekly look at all the issues important to ladies, and gays, and treat them with much less respect than they deserve”

I have been listening to Throwing Shade for years now, and frankly, I am getting SICK TO DEATH of its omittance from countless “podcasts for your life!” lists.

Each week “feminastyErin Gibson and “HomosensualBryan Safi dissect current affairs and popular culture with a keen eye on feminism and LGBTQ+ issues.

And it is


Weeping on the bus HILARIOUS.

The chemistry between Gibson and Safi is a glorious thing and they will have your righteous leftie hands table thumping at their take on the week’s events, while your guts heave with painful, silent laughter that makes you gasp for air. I’m not saying listening to Throwing Shade will make you look unmental, but it will make your life 100% better.

Now put it on a dang list already!!