Bae Watch – Benidorm


Well this is an all round unusual pick.

I have to say, I was pretty surprised when Bae selected ITV’s Benidorm to watch on a Saturday night. What next? A marathon of Mrs Brown’s Boys?

Sensing a potential fall out from my side of the living room, he exclaimed:

“No really, it’s actually ok! I watched it before because Steve Pemberton’s in it, and it is quite funny. Quite good.”

Ah, the old Steve Pemberton manoeuvre.

Well played.

Put a League of Gentleman star in something and you never know who might end up watching your throwback sitcom. The League of Gentleman, is more what we are akin to in our household – stuff that’s a bit oddball, a little bit off kilter and sometimes frankly horrible.

I’m not used to watching…….ITV comedy…it all seems a bit…Tommy Cooper…

So I put my trust in the other half and settled in for disappointment and a grapple with my innate snobbery.

And you know what – it was actually ok!

I laughed plenty, groaned more, found characters to love and hate and I bobbed along in its poop filled, all inclusive pool, until series one and two were done.

Some of the humour treads a dodgy path; xenophobia is rife among the plethora of ignorant and ill educated characters and you worry about audiences taking it too literally, reveling in a lack of political correctness for half an hour, rather than abhorring and deriding the characters as monsters. You don’t want your characters to become the heroes of the jackasses that  actually go abroad and behave like this.

I have read a few posts about later seasons pushing the humour too far and becoming extremely uncomfortable. If the bizarre, laugh-lacking opening to the third season is anything to go by (a parody of No Country For Old Men, no less), I think I shall leave Benidorm here.

As for Bae, well I think he’s quite happy there…I can hear him still watching it.

I realise that makes it sound like he must really love xenophobic humour…he doesn’t…I think he just likes all the poo and fart jokes.

I’m going to stop now.