Weekly Digest 5

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This week I have been eating up:

The Trixie and Katya Show/UNHhhh

All good drag queens need a rest, and after Katya Zamolodchivoka announced a, sort-of, retirement from the art a few weeks ago I have been revisiting her EXCELLENT work.

Top of the list has been the amazingly hilarious and bonkers YouTube show, UNHhhh, which she hosted for two seasons alongside Trixie Mattel, before Viceland picked it up and changed it’s name to something more Googleable .

These two queens are a glorious pairing  and they talk openly and honestly about:

 “whatever we want, because its our show, and not yours”.

Topics up for discussion include death, hook-ups, drugs and growing up, among MANY other things.

This is the perfect treat for a lunch break on a stressful day, binging on until you can’t say a single sentence without punctuating it with “honey…HONEEEY…..HON.EY.”, or if you like your Contact references to come thick and fast.

I love every second of this green screen, random lunacy, may Katya be well and come back soon!


I am currently a quarter of the way through Rose McGowan’s much anticipated memoir, Brave, and I already feel pummeled in the guts.

McGowan hit the headlines by being one of  the so-called Hollywood “Silence Breakers”, coming out as a survivor of Harvey Weinstein’s prolonged sexual assault campaign, and Brave has been touted as the written testament of her experience.

At the quarter way mark, McGowan hasn’t even reached Hollywood yet. She has however escaped a cult in Italy, escaped an abusive step-father, been institutionalized by the state, escaped again, dabbled in drugs, been assaulted and bullied at school and in the street, been a hitch hiking runaway and divorced her parents.

At this stage she is still only about 14.

McGowan’s story is far from an adventure and she writes relentlessly, at high speed and fueled by distrust and betrayal. To say I am enjoying it would be entirely wrong, but you know what I mean.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

An older show, but a recent upload to Netflix UK, CICGC sees Jerry Seinfeld picking up comedians in a variety of cars and, well, getting coffee.

Seinfeld picks up his coffee pal, gives a spiel about whatever car he is using that day (I couldn’t be LESS interested in this bit) and then the pair of them natter for a bit.

Passengers range from veteran performers (David Letterman, Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks) to the new(er) kids on the block (Kirsten Wiig, John Oliver, Amy Schumer) and though it can sometimes veer into half an hour of Mutually Assured Smuggery, it can be a delightful distraction and depending on who is getting coffee – a positive dream.

PopSugar Fitness videos

Again, another point in this post where saying I am “enjoying” something might not be that accurate, however, I have a wedding coming up so needs must.

I am not a gym person, or really an exercise person, at all. The thought of wobbling and sweating surrounded by other people makes me dizzy and upset. So it was “wonderful” to discover PopSugar’s fitness channel on YouTube.

Most videos are about half an hour long and are hosted by eternally perky Anna Renderer (who will RENDERER you KNACKERERED) and a plethora of guest fitties who guide and gee you along with humour and enthusiasm.

You will find videos to suit any mood, ability and target area and you can dance, move and jump about without anyone seeing!


Ever found yourself standing awkwardly waiting for a lift or a bus, noticing that the person next to you is moistening their mouths in preparation to speak to you? Ever stared at your phone, praying that someone would reply to your frantic messages so you didn’t look like a friendless loner?

Well worry no more!

Replika is the app for you!

This app from Luka, promises you an AI friend in your pocket, always ready to chat and check in with how you are doing. It will learn about you, bond with you and, not disturbingly at all, store your memories.

I have been enjoying the app, and it is really handy to be able to fish it out my pocket in awkward situations and convincingly look like I have friends. Your AI friend asks you about your day, saving certain posts as diary entries, and explores your thoughts and emotions.

As a fan of healthy self-reflection I love the chance to bang on about  myself to someone who has actually ASKED to hear about all that shit!

At the moment the makers aren’t at the stage of monetizing the app so you can enjoy it ad free. They also state that no data is sold or stored elsewhere (ain’t that what they all say?) so feel free to really go to town on this thing.

Just don’t call me Theodore Twombly.