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cute animals cake pops

This is not an accurate depiction of the animals I am no longer eating. I have never eaten bears, cats, frogs, pandas, foxes or penguins.

As you may know, since the bells rang in January 2018 I, along with 150,000 others, have been taking part in Veganuary.

This is where I thought I might be writing a post about how I found the past 31 days challenging, listing all the things I have missed, debriefing a month of want and sacrifice.

Well, I am sorry to disappoint you meat munching, dairy swilling punters, but I’m staying this way.

And here is why:

  • I have learnt so much about what happens to animals within the dairy and meat industry, whether they be “organic”“free range”, “halal”, “RSPCA stamped” or whatever, that I just can’t call myself an animal lover and still participate in it.
  • What I have learnt has been shocking and upsetting and entirely beyond what I thought was legal in the UK.
  • I don’t like eggs enough to be able to blank out the images of baby chicks being blended up while I eat them.
  • I feel better – in my body and my head.
  • I haven’t lost weight, OK this is actually a bummer, but it also shows I haven’t been going hungry.
  • In fact I haven’t felt deprived of anything; as I write this I am eating a homemade chocolate cake and drinking a cup of steaming tea, as I say – my table has been so abundant I haven’t lost a speck of weight (FFS).
  • I live in Glasgow, possibly the easiest city to be a vegan in, the options are many and delicious.
  • I have found a buzzing online community full of insight and debate which I want to remain a part of.
  • People have either been happy for me, intrigued or just plain uninterested in my decision, maybe I have been lucky, but I haven’t had any crappy comments from anyone.
  • Eating food that hasn’t felt pain or fear is wonderful, I feel I am doing my soul just as much good as my body.
  • My skin looks better.
  • I feel lighter and less bloated.

I hope my good pals, and my amazing fiance who has put up with – and may I say – enjoyed – the meals I have been making, keep on the support and/or lack of interest. It has been such a pleasure to be able to explore this lifestyle without having to explain myself or get into arguments with people, that was my biggest worry about doing this.

I know I am very new to this, and seasoned vegans will be giving me a virtual pat on the head about how naive I am being about the lack of confrontation I have had, but hey – I will enjoy the peace while I can.

So here I am – a vegan, yoga doing, meditating, Corbyn liking, tattooed, mindful white girl:


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