The Guilty Wife – Elle Croft

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Heads up – I was sent this book to review by the publishers.

Bethany is “happily married”, but having an affair with a billionaire (as most “happily married” women are want to do). Someone dies and Bethany has to fight for her innocence.

So far, so generic: “gripping, page turning thriller”.

The Guilty Wife is the debut novel from Elle Croft, hitting the shelves  and my inbox, just as the trend for – women at the centre of something mysterious, and a little bit sexy – novels hits its peek. I can’t help but feel Croft’s drawn out whodunnit, missed the [Girl On The] train and comes puffing and panting up behind a plethora of very similar titles.

(did you see what I did there?)

I had hopes for this novel, I was looking for something  a wee bit trashy and crimey to get snuggled in with over January, but it just left me cold and bored. The characters are flat and interchangeable, the plot already done to death, and I figured out the twist so early on that reading the rest of the book felt like treading water until it was over.

I just didn’t care for any of it, I didn’t understand why Bethany was cheating on her husband when everything seemed fine (maybe I missed something), I couldn’t figure out why the man she has an affair with had to be a billionaire (does every book need a Christian Grey?) – can’t normal, poor people be affected by infidelity to the point of extreme measures? I also got bored with Bethany flipping her head around every two minutes each time someone gave her a fright. Girl, you gonna get whiplash.

This book is guilty of….not being that good in a sea of the same.

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