Weekly Digest 4

A wee round up of what I have been digging into this week:

Celebrity Big Brother


I haven’t watched Big Brother for about ten years. I think the last one I watched had water chucking Grace in it. The main draw for me watching this year’s celebrity version was Courtney Act. A fan since her appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race, I am thrilled to see Shane/Courtney engaged in some really intelligent and enlightening discussions around sexuality and gender. I could learn a lot from her about how to stay calm and thoughtful in the face of [Ann Widdecombe’s] ignorance.

Fire and Fury


Started Michael Wolff’s book about the inside of the Trump election campaign yesterday, and am already engrossed. Fair enough, its no revelation that “a twat behaves like a twat”, but I still find how far he can push his twattery without repercussion scary and fascinating.

Australia’s Cheapest Weddings


Wolfed this new Netflix addition down in two sittings! A thoroughly hilarious real-life series that follows the victories and cringe-worthy failures of Aussie nuptials on the cheap. There is everything here: bridezillas, leaking septic tanks, fires and of course, tone deaf viking reenactment enthusiasts “singing” to one another – can you imagine a wedding without that? Favourite bride for me was Finnish pin-up model and tattoo artist, Sini. She gave no fucks strutting down the street with her frock (such as it was) slashed to the thighs, arrived to the ceremony on a quad bike surrounded by her bridesmaids like a Barbie Furiosa, changed at least three times and dressed her bridesmaids in leopard print.

With my own wedding on the horizon, I have taken a note of every move she made!

She-Ra: Princess of Power


And finally, a big ol’ slice of nostalgia! I fell into a 80/90s pit last night, Googling every TV show, toy and sweet I could remember. The best memory wallow was definitely the sight of She-Ra in all her bombastic splendor! Surely with the success of Wonder Woman the Princess of Power deserves some big screen action too? In the meantime, it was a delight to find out the cartoon is now up on Netflix, let the nostalgia binge….well, continue.