Veganuary 2018 – Day 10


Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash

Thought it was about time to do a wee update about my Veganuary adventures!

So, ten days in without meat or dairy and, in a nutshell,….I LOVE IT!

I feel more awake, more engaged, happier. I have this weird and lovely lightness about me. A fellow vegan (a “fellow vegan”, hark at me!) told me it was because I wasn’t dragging around death inside me, and I think there might be a bit of truth in this.

I haven’t been plagued with the guilt that was starting to work its way into my eating habits, I can pick up my knife and fork with a clear head and heart. I know that everything I am putting in my body is doing me good, is nurturing me, and is what my body wants (ok, apart from the cake…and that doughnut). Nothing has had to suffer or be frightened in order for me to have a meal.

That feels good.

And the meals I’ve been having? Delish! So far I haven’t made anything I wasn’t pleased with and wouldn’t make again. I haven’t felt deprived at all and actually feel like I get to eat more. I know it’s early days and there will be disappointing meals in the next few weeks, but hey, you have frigging awful meat meals too and at least my shitty vegan meal won’t have wasted a life!

Also, everyone has been lovely and really supportive about it (some have been completely uninterested, but that is totally fine! I’ll will take indifference over scorn any day!). People have asked questioned, admitted to things they didn’t know about the meat and dairy industry, they have tried and liked meals and treats, shared restaurants and recipes with me on Facebook. People are being so cool that I feel kinda guilty about my previous worries!

The one downside is the smell that is seemingly constantly seeping out my butthole…

egg farts