Weekly Digest 2

Aperitifs from this [shitty] week:

Lucy Crick


Pink Cup with Party Rings – Lucy Crick

Yesterday I fell in love with the art of Lucy Crick. The Suffolk based artist showers glory on the everyday comforts of home. Her french fancies, Bakewell tarts, burgers, chips and tea and biscuits just warmed my heart. Her work could so easily be twee, a bit “Keep Calm and Carry On“, but her mastery of the Dutch style ensures the heroes of our childhoods are rendered suitably heroic. She even has a painting of the first troll I had, oh for disposable income!

Orange is The New Black, Season 5


The prisoners of Litchfield are revolting, guards are being held hostage and the Cheetos are burning (my heart!).

I’m not going to say much, but be prepared to watch the lot of this in one go. My sister described it as “like one really long film“. I get what she means, it feels almost like it’s filmed in real time, with events taking place over just a matter of days. I will say, however, that this season pretty much washed over me; there weren’t the cliffhangers and heartbreaks of previous seasons that had me gasping and sobbing.

That said, it was great to be back with these women and I think it will benefit from a rewatch.


Ear Hustle


Potentially my new favourite podcast, Ear Hustle brings you the stories of life inside prison. Produced and presented by inmates at Saint Quentin, along with artist Nigel Poor, this promises to be the next big listen. Episode 1 is up and ready for download and explores the dilemmas of finding someone to share a 4’x9′ space with. Human, funny and touching.

Listen if you love Serial, Orange is The New Black, Criminal, Louis Theroux Docs