Weekly Digest 1

Some little aperitifs of the things I have been digesting this week:

The Keepers


The latest true crime series to hit Netflix, focuses on the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnick in the late 60s. The series attempts to find out what happened to the young nun, and whether her murder was linked to possible attempts to expose a Catholic sex abuse ring. I am currently on episode 5, and am finding it completely riveting.

Watch if you enjoyed Making a Murderer, Spotlight.

Sword and Scale


I have been binging on this true crime podcast for about a month now, having seen a rave review on Twitter. This is a tremendously difficult listen at times (the lingering audio of people’s deaths, borders on gratuity) but if you can stomach the subject matter it is an absolutely fascinating dive into the darkest aspects of human behaviour.

Listen if you are strong of stomach and enjoyed Serial and Criminal

Harry Styles


The One Directioners debut album is really, rather good. I haven’t listened the arse out of something like this since Taylor Swift’s 1989. Whilst comparisons to Bowie and Jagger may be slightly over-excited, there is something about this album that does promise a thoroughly healthy, rock ‘n’ roll career to come. I love every track and no two are the same. Sweeping, sexy, angry and longing – there is turn for everyone here. His voice is total dreamboats too.

Listen if you ever found yourself suddenly liking Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift or love a bit of nostalgia for the good Britpop acts.

Three Girls


I blogged about this series earlier in the week, so I hope you have all caught up with this. An astonishing piece of drama from BBC One, that rightly, holds no punches about the recent sex abuse scandal in Rochdale. Perfectly pitched and acted, this drama shines a light on what child abuse really is, and just how many people are willing to turn blind eyes to it. You will be shocked, saddened, and I hope, really really angry.

Watch if you liked The Moorside, Broadchurch

Season 2 of The Last Man on Earth


Light relief  has come this week from Will Forte’s warm and hysterical, end of the world comedy. Anyone who shaves half his head and face in the name of laughs, will always be a hero to me.

Watch if love New Girl, Flight of The Conchords, The Office