Three Girls


On Facebook today I urged people to watch the BBC’s ‘Three Girls’, the harrowing new drama about the child victims of a Rochdale sex abuse ring.

I’m pretty much just going to repeat myself here.

PLEASE watch this programme.

It is incredibly upsetting, I struggled through the first episode, but it is so important as many people as possible watch.

Society needs to know what child sex abuse is.

What it actually is.

It needs to unplug its ears, take its hands from its eyes and confront what it looks like.

It looks like young, vulnerable, scared young people and children being raped and sexually abused over and over again. These young people and children are not viewed as human beings, but things – commodities – breathing sex-dolls. They are threatened with violence and death should they dare open their mouths.

As stated in episode 1, child sex abuse is “being raped, anally, by four grown men”.

Just think about that. Don’t push it aside, don’t cringe – THINK ABOUT THAT.

For some, the best way to deal with it, is to give in. To actually become as unhuman, and unfeeling as possible, just to get through it. I work for a helpline for young people, and victims can come across as bolshy, hostile, downright fucking difficult sometimes, just like the girls in the show – but no wonder.

I don’t care how upset you get by the programme, I don’t care how much you just want something “light and fluffy” to watch after a day at the office.

I just don’t care.

What I care about is you, giving up an hour, to hold the hands of characters who represent the thousands of young people going through unthinkable hell right now.

What I care about is you not being able to sleep because you are so angry about what you have seen.

What I care about is you having a think about why that cocky young girl on the bus is kicking off – what is going on for her? Why is a 15 year old so angry at the world?

What I care about you is waking up and giving a shit.

What I care about is them.

If you are reading this and need help, here is a great list of resources for you. I work for two of these places – you will be listened to, you won’t be judged, and you will be helped as much as you want to be helped.