Bae Watch – Big Trouble in Little China


So just going to pick up on a post I put up AGES ago where I introduced Bae Watch – my mission to watch my boyfriend’s Netflix Watch List.

Sorry about the wait Reader.

First up with have Big Trouble in Little China. BTiLC is one of those films that when I say I haven’t seen it, people seem to combust in front of me a little bit:


*shrug* – just haven’t.

I’ll admit it was a wee while ago that I watched it, so my memory of the plot is only this –

Hannah’s Plot Round-Up

American Dude meets attractive woman in airport. Adventure ensues surrounding an odd looking man of south-east Asian extraction who needs young women about him so he can look young, awful and terrifying rather than old, awful and terrifying. Attractive Lady and Other Woman are sought for this role and American Dude must stop the whole thing happening. Other stuff, other stuff, The END.

I think BTiLC is one of those films that you needed to have loved as a kid to really be able to enjoy as an adult. Having watched it, I have a vague recollection of it, but my cockles did not inflame with nostalgia.

I think my brother may have liked it…I must have left the room.

I was pissed off early on because it all seemed so loud. I am getting old, and shooty shooty bang bang makes me weary and I couldn’t find where Bae had put the remote to turn it down.

Initiate Grump Hannah.

I was not a fan of this movie, I am sorry to my many friends who adore this film, it annoyed me. THE CRAP OUT OF ME. I think I started picking the varnish off my toe nails before the mid-way point.

Also, it’s been a long time since I’ve watched a kid’s movie that features prostitution and sex trafficking in such a fun, knock-about way.

Bae Scores (out of 10):

Gun/Bang/Shooty/Urgh – 4

Boob count – 0

Cheeky/Cocky/Mysterious Dude of The People – 5