Introducing…Bae Watch


One of my greatest pleasures in life is visiting someone’s home for the first time and getting to be judgemental about the stuff they own.

I’m particularly interested in what books and DVDs they have on their shelves. There are a handful of people in my life whose company is always tainted by the knowledge they have every Dan Brown book.

I just couldn’t get close to a person like that.

It was slightly annoying then, when I visited my BF’s house for the first time, to discover that his DVDs were stashed away in boxes, out of reach from rummaging hands (we shan’t talk about the book situation – I know he has The Stand (because the cover is pressed indignantly against the front of a perspex drawer) and a book, where upon saying the title, he managed to RUIN an entire series we were watching on Netflix (hint: it contains the word “Pablo”). Anyhoo….parenthesis aside)).

I was facing a situation where I was going to have to make up my mind about someone based purely on their personality and duvet set choice.

But then, as we settled down, as most young lovers do these days, to scroll through titles on Netflix for 45 tense minutes, I realised I was able to judge him in an entirely modern way. Instead of scratching my chin in front of Ikea shelves, sweeping my fingers across the spines of a person’s potential, I was able to rifle through his Watch List on Netflix.

And so, on this hallowed day, I am introducing a new strand to this blog – Bae Watch – where I ignore all the films on my own neglected Watch List, to watch everything on my boyfriend’s.

Let the judging commence…..