Ghosbusters (reboot)


Bustin’. It makes me feel good. It always has. For as long as I can remember, Ghostbusters has been a part of my life. It isn’t just my favourite film, it is one of my most treasured things. If I were to be cast away on a desert island, I would want my luxury item to be some kind of bottled essence of that film. I could unscrew that lid and take a good ol’ inhale of happiness whenever I needed it.

I have been through some shitty things, like cold-sweat, real horrible stuff. Like, “yeah, I’ll take some o’ that therapy please!” stuff. Like – The Pits. The thing that helped me through it (among other things, like, please, I love the film  but no need to brace – I’m not going THERE) was Ghostbusters.

I have watched that movie through a film of tears, over and over and over again in the dark. I have hiccuped and sniffed along to every line. Some people have poetry, music, sport to get them through life’s dank challenges – I have Venkman, Stantz, Spengler and Zeddemore.

So yeah, I’m pretty into it.

It is quite a precious thing amongst most fans, sometimes almost creepily so. It suffers from that odious fanboy/girl stank of ownership: “This is OURS, you can’t have it! Back off buddy, you were a fan since birth, or not at all!”

This horrible, slimy underbelly, reared its head dripping with goo, the minute the all female version was announced. The internet has been up in arms about it, with sections of the fandom acting like proper effing Dicklesses.

If it wasn’t the fact it was being remade, it was because it was all women. If it wasn’t because it was all women, it was because it was being remade.

But ultimately it was about it being remade with women; the notion of which caused biblical proportioned sized disasters in the minds of tearful, bratty fans not willing to share.

There are countless posts out there about the shitty misogyny that hit this film, so I’m not going to bang on about it.  I too felt doubts when I saw the trailers – it did look pretty rubbish – but now, having seen it twice, I want to wax a wee bit about why I love it!

Growing up a Ghostbusters fan, the younger sister of a boy Ghostbusters fan, wasn’t easy. Those tempting neon tie-in toys from The Real Ghosbusters – full of gunge and gunk and awesome – were routinely slipped from my fingers with gravitas: “these are NOT for you!”

It turned out that being a dickless Ghostbuster wasn’t a thing, and I would have to lump with playing Janine (not even Dana, JANINE). So when this new film seemed to be becoming a reality, I couldn’t help but feel a lump of utter joy, tentatively, rise up for all the other dickless wannabe Ghostbusters out there.

I am totally thrilled with the film! My need to procreate a female spawn, just so I can sit her in front of it, is almost too much to bear.

Ok, so it has its flaws, but for me its importance outweighs all the little issues I have with it. Finally, here is a film with four very different female characters, who are strong, capable, humorous, intelligent and absolutely bloody heroic.

What I loved most was how their gender is never made a thing of. In this fresh Ghostbusters world it is completely accepted that women are engineers and scientists – there are no hysterically doubtful “but you are GIRLS??!!” looks, it isn’t mentioned once that their academic and professional situations are at all unusual. In fact, in a spookily accurate premonition of the online scorn they were to face, the only time the issue raises its head is when someone leaves a comment for the girls on YouTube.

But what I loved most was that it is was completely accepted that these women were brave. Everyone stepped aside and let them get on with it and this made my heart swell for all the young, dickless new Ghostbusters fans out there. A whole new generation can grow up feeling like they can swing a proton pack on and bust some ghouls. I am so chuffed for them.

Tonight was the second time I have seen it, and I was able to relax more, knowing that everything was going to be OK. And I’m happily convinced I still love it.

Honestly, I think I could watch Holtzman lick that barrel and go to town all day.

Heat ’em up Girls! And dare I say it, this one’s for us.