Wanderlust – Sophie Ellis-Bextor


Earworms. They really can take you to places you never thought you’d go.

I’d never have thought I would be verging on obsessing over a Sophie Ellis-Bextor album. Don’t get me wrong, I have bopped about in a satisfactory manner to many of her tunes as they happened upon my radio, but it was only until I heard Love is a Camera and couldn’t stop hearing Love is a Camera that I was persuaded to make a Ellis-Bextor purchase.

And blimey Charlie, if it isn’t actually rather good!


I was worried by the lace dress on the cover, and the album’s name promised all the breathy whimsy that I have grown to hate. But I was satisfactorily surprised. The album is fun, a bit bonkers and at times genuinely tender.

Ok, so some of the lyrics are a pick hockey and in other hands would have my vomit reflex pulsing (lots of stuff about daydreaming and leaving stuff out in the rain) but Ellis-Bextor has an almost sarcastic tone to her voice that is able to reveal a slightly darker edge to even the twee-est platitude.

Its currently on heavy rotation and I hope for more of the same!