Katy Dove at GOMA

Yesterday I gave myself a day off. My mission was to have a mindful day, leaving all my stresses under my borrowed bed – I would deal with them another time – I walked out into the Glasgow sunshine to just take stuff in.

My destination was GOMA, one of the best places in the city to feel something other than your own angst – a world of art and design where you can get stuck into other people’s thoughts and give your own a rest for a bit.

So, with finding a bit of peace and a desire to allow my mind to float, it was fortuitous then that the first exhibition I encountered was Katy Dove’s.

Still from Sooner (2007)

Still from Sooner (2007)

Dove was an animator and musician, and four of her videos (Sooner (2007), Luna (2004), Motorhead (2002) and Stop It (2006)) are currently being shown as part of GOMA’s Moving Image season.

Tucked into the almost pitch black of the ground floor gallery, I found a space on the crowded benches (once my eyes accustomed and I was 100% sure I wasn’t plonking myself down into someone’s lap) and became almost immediately transfixed.

Described as

‘…a kind of aesthetic essentialism, or the distillation of the everyday into fundamental shapes, sounds and colours.’

I found the works utterly captivating, it was like peering down a microscope to watch a party in a petri dish, and I could have sat watching the shapes dance and shift for hours on end.

Everything that had been worrying me the day before floated away on the waves of shape, colour, sound and music. It felt like I was being simultaneously hypnotised and shaken awake, and my thoughts and emotions had nothing to do but just go with it.

Still from Stop It (2006)

Still from Stop It (2006)

I left having watched all the videos twice (my noisy brogues, clomping and clacking on the wooden floors were drawing far too much attention to wander any of the other galleries – note to self – trainers in future) and I drifted happily back into the Glasgow sunshine feeling a little transformed.

Mission accomplished.

You can see the exhibition until 25th May 2015.