We Should All Be Feminists – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


Adapted from Adichie’s Tedx talk of the same name, We Should All Be Feminists has fast become essential reading for anyone who calls themselves a feminist.

You don’t really need to go beyond the title of this short publication. It says it all there, obvious and written almost with a shrug – “it’s simple” – we should all be feminists.

It could be called “We Should All Just Be Decent To Each Other”, “We Should All Support One Another” , “We Should All Be Human”, “We Should All Stop Being Dicks”, “Do I Really Need To Suggest This Idea?” – unfortunately, yes.

Adichie explores the Nigerian society she grew up in and how she had to adapt in a world that sidelined women from birth. Her voice is refereshing in a wave of feminism that seems to favour the white, western, middle class woman’s story.

It is a brilliantly humourous, accessible and powerful read that you can digest over lunch. It explores people’s skewed views about feminism (‘He called me a feminist. It was not a compliment.’), masculinity, education  and how we still need to change so much in order for EVERYONE to live in a happier, more productive world.

I loved every word and I want to read everything this woman has written!

If you are looking for reasons to call yourself a feminist then this book is for you. I hope that once finished you will go “yup! its obvious! its frustrating that this is still an issue!” And if you read it and come away with a fresh, if depressing, view of a world you thought was equal,  where “everything is fine now” then good, you are the reason why we still need to suggest an idea that to many of us seems obvious. Welcome to the team!

Watch Adichie’s Tedx talk here:

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